The Mystery Review Crew Mission

The Mystery Review Crew’s (MRC) mission is to support authors and publishers by providing a platform that connects them with an avid community of reader enthusiasts. Through the MRC’s passion for exceptional storytelling, the MRC aims to foster a love of reading while helping readers discover their next favorite book. 

While we remain devoted to the traditional definition of the mystery genre, the scope of the MRC mission utilizes a broader meaning to include any novel containing an element of mystery. 

Core Values:

  1. Integrity: The MRC upholds the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of the MRC activities and interactions with authors, publishers, and readers. The MRC reviews are unbiased, honest, and transparent, reflecting the genuine opinions of the MRC team of reviewers.
  2. Supporting Authors and Publishers: The MRC believes in championing both established and emerging authors and publishers by offering a platform that elevates their work and facilitates meaningful connections with readers.
  3. Engaging Community: The MRC strives to build a vibrant and inclusive community of mystery enthusiasts where readers can connect, discuss, and share their love for mysteries.
  4. Excellence in Reviews: The MRC team is committed to delivering high-quality, well-crafted reviews, providing readers with comprehensive insights into each book’s merits and literary elements.
  5. Professionalism: The MRC conducts itself with professionalism and courtesy, both in the MRC interactions with authors, publishers, and readers and delivery of the MRC services.

With these core values and the Mystery Review Crew’s mission, we are dedicated to uplifting book lovers seeking captivating reads and supporting the incredible talent within the writing community.

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Current Members

Founding Member

Author Anita Dickason

Award-winning author Anita Dickason is a twenty-two-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. She served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics detective, advanced accident investigator, SWAT tactical officer, and the team’s first female sniper. 

First Inspiration

Her first book, JFK Assassination Eyewitness: Rush to Conspiracy, detailed the results of her reconstruction of the 1966 fatality crash that killed Lee Bowers Jr., a famous witness to the Kennedy assassination.


Dickason’s works have received multiple awards, including Book Viral Millennium Book Awards, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, Literary Titan Book Awards, and Independent Author Network Book Awards. 

Founding Member

Author J. C. Gatlin

JC Gatlin lives in Tampa, Florida, and writes mystery novels that include sunny Florida locales and quirky locals as characters.


His last novel, H_NGM_N: Murder is the Word, won the coveted Florida Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Mystery in 2019. He is active in the Florida Writer’s Association and is a board member of the Florida Writer’s Foundation, a charity organization that fights illiteracy. 

Founding Member

Kimberly Werntz

Kimberly Werntz is an all-around creative author helper with a drastic borderline obsessive love of reading. Kimberly is a nomad with her husband and they travel all across the US trying to visit places on a never-ending bucket list. You can find her trying to support authors however she can at @travelerswife4life

Favorite Genres

∘ Mystery ANYTHING
∘ Stories that leave a lasting impression
∘ Twists on Classic tales
∘ Books that take you to places

Founding Members

As we embarked on this thrilling journey of mystery and storytelling back in 2022, we want to take a moment to extend our deepest gratitude to our founding members. Your unwavering support, passion, and commitment to The Mystery Review Crew have been the driving force behind the creation of this remarkable platform. From the very beginning, you believed in our mission and core values, and your invaluable contributions have helped shape this community into what it is today.


Author Lauren Carr


Author C. S. McDonald


Author Kari Bovee


Author Shelley Blanton-Stroud