Our Story.

The Mystery Review Crew started with seven creative individuals united by a common bond—a love of books. A way where we could share our love of new and old books and make new friends. A way where we could redefine the connection between readers and authors. It was our vision. This was the beginning of our story and our foundation. 

While the structure of the Crew has changed, what hasn’t is our hopes and dreams. Our love for reading goes beyond the pages of a book. Our goal is a vibrant community where readers and authors can share their passion for storytelling.

As with all good stories, ours continually shifts while we write new chapters. We help bridge the gap between reader and author. We infuse humor, mystery prose, intriguing personalities, and real-life events into our articles, reviews, interviews, and more.

The love of reading is our connection, the love of books our definition, and the love of collection our obsession. Our vision is to bring a smile along with a good book (or two), whether it is one from years gone by or a recent release. Books that entertain, touch us, and make us better individuals.

You, dear reader, are the linchpin, fortifying our dreams and illuminating our path. Our dear bookish friend, we depend on you and your love of reading. 

To you, our dear reader, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for being more than an audience. You are a friend. After all, what is life without having people to share it with? We thank you for your interest and support from the bottom of our hearts.

The Mystery Review Crew,

Anita & Kimberly