Book Review: Second Strike by Nicole Nadeau

An extraordinary author, read on for our book review of Second Strike by Nicole Nadeau.

An extraordinary author, read on for our book review of Second Strike by Nicole Nadeau.

Fictional writing, creating an intriguing, well-written plot, is challenging. It requires time, effort, and a whole lot of imagination. The author must keep track of countless details, closing loops in the plot to keep readers from dangling or becoming confused. It’s a complex balance of creating scenes and characters to pull the reader into the story while building suspense and tension. Even when the story is written, it is just the first stage of finishing the novel. Then it’s a process of revisions while scrutinizing each sentence for clarity and grammar.

Never an easy task under the best of conditions. This is why Nicole Nadeau’s young adult spy thrillers, Second Strike and Death by Midnight, are exceptional. In the author’s biography, you will discover the reason.

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In 2020, I reviewed Death by Midnight, giving it a thumbs up, five stars. I loved the premise of the story and the characters. Anna Goode is a gutsy teenager with grit, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of her family and friends. I was delighted when the second book in The Secret Life of Anna Goode, was published. I wasn’t disappointed. The second book, Second Strike, is as good as Death by Midnight, maybe even better. The author’s depiction of the action scenes and locations kept me turning the pages. I truly enjoyed the adventures of the intrepid teenagers as they took London by storm, literally. The plot is jam-packed with fast-paced action, mayhem, and betrayal, as Anna and her friends are again at the forefront of a dastardly plot.

Second Strike

Book #2 of The Secret Life of Anna Goode

A genius sixteen-year-old. 

A terrorist’s twisted revenge.

Can she stop a catastrophic cyberattack from bringing America to its knees?

Anna Goode can’t wait to put her brilliant mind to work. Officially part of the CIA’s undercover unit of talented teenagers, the gifted inventor splits her time between tinkering and espionage instruction. And now she’s been tasked to protect a US congressional delegation from a cunning enemy’s destabilizing hack.

Slipping into London under the guise of innocent spring-breakers to expose the hacker, Anna’s laser-focused hunt gets derailed when she’s ambushed and tased. Suspecting a traitorous mole could destroy their mission, the whip-smart teen rallies her fellow young operatives for a counter-attack … only to discover another danger threatening to be far worse.

Can Anna and her team foil a devastating plot before they’re stopped in their tracks?

Second Strike is the pulse-pounding sequel in the Secret Life of Anna Goode YA spy thriller series. If you like heroines who think outside the box, non-stop action, and tight-knit friendship groups, then you’ll love Nicole Nadeau’s overseas adventure.

About the Author

Nicole Nadeau grew up in Springboro, Ohio, with her older sister, Paige and younger brother Mark. She also has a dog, Lola and a two rescue cats, Penny and Walter. 

An avid reader since grade school, she read every action and adventure book she could get her hands on. Eventually, her love of reading developed into a love of writing. She started working on her own book while she was in high school. 

Nicole has a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which challenges her daily life. She refuses to let SMA stop her from doing what she loves. Like the lead character in her book, she is determined and overcomes any obstacles that stand in her way. 

You can connect with her at

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Anita Dickason

Anita Dickason

Anita Dickason is a retired police officer with a total of twenty-seven years of law enforcement experience, twenty-two with Dallas PD. She served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, advanced accident investigator, tactical officer, and first female sniper on the Dallas SWAT team.

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