Eulogy in Black and White by Caleb Pirtle III

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Eulogy in Black and White by Caleb Pirtle III

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Death Stalks a Small Town.
Magnolia Bluff waits.
With apprehension.
With dread.
With terror.
May twenty-third is coming.
Somebody always dies on May twenty-third.
No one knows.
A killer walks in the shadows.
The killer is ready to strike again. 

Graham Huston is a drifter, a war veteran driven by guilt. He’s a man unable to escape his horrific memories. Memories have drawn him to Magnolia Bluff. Huston goes to work for the editor of the local newspaper. A temporary, meaningless job that pays his room and board. Through the growing friendship with the editor, Huston soon finds a mystery he can’t walk away from. Every 23rd of May, someone is killed. Murders that span nine years. Why? No one knows or even what links the crimes. Each murder is different, and the residents in this small Texas town live in fear. When his employer becomes the target on May 23rd, Huston has a new mission. Find the killer.

Caleb Pirtle weaves a powerful story of murder and revenge. Pirtle is a master storyteller. He has an innate way of building suspense with unpredictable twists and turns in the plot. His characters and scenes come alive through his distinctive style of writing. Caleb Pirtle doesn’t just write, he conveys emotion. It makes the reader part of the story. A sense that these are people and places we might know. This a story that grabs and never lets go. Eulogy in Black and White is a book to be read more than once. Even the title was intriguing, and the reason was a touch of brilliance. This isn’t your ordinary murder mystery. It is a tale of dark, murderous secrets, guilt, and even redemption. 

Eulogy in Black and White is Book 2 in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles from the Underground Authors. 

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