Why be by the MRC?

Exclusive Spotlight:
Join a select group of authors with interviews on the Mystery Review Crew.
Personalized Insights:
Our interviews are tailored just for you. Share your story in a way that resonates with readers, highlighting your distinctive voice and perspective.
Community Impact:
Your participation in an MRC interview contributes to the broader narrative and impact of the literary community. By sharing your insights and experiences, you become part of a collective effort to celebrate and elevate the art of storytelling.
Bonus – Mystery and Intrigue:
The MRC brand is synonymous with mystery and intrigue. By aligning yourself with the MRC, you add an element of curiosity to your author profile, drawing readers who are captivated by the enigmatic nature of the platform.

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At Mystery Review Crew (MRC), we connect authors and readers. One way is through our written author interviews, providing intriguing insight and fun tidbits about an author.

Links to the interview are shared across our social media sites and in our newsletter.

If you are interested, please submit a request. For questions, please contact us at info@mysteryreviewcrew.com.