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Enter the world of Author Dineen Miller! Heard of Authors writing under a pseudonym? Well Dineen writes under three!

Dineen Miller

More about Dineen:
Hi there! My real name is Dineen Miller and I’m a firm believer in the transformative power of story and truth. Seems I’m an Amazon bestselling and award-winning author in both fiction and nonfiction books, which blows me away. But nothing tickles me more than to hear from a reader about how one of my books impacted their life, even if it’s “you made me laugh out loud!”

I love everything creative. Especially creating coloring books and alternate identities, which is why you’ll find more of my books under the pen names Neena Roth and Hue Manatee Art. We’re all designed to be creative in some way and there are so many ways to create! I love helping people think outside of the box and see that we’re only as limited as we perceive ourselves to be.

I’m married to an amazing man who still thinks I rock his world (and he rocks mine!), I have three fantastically creative kids (I claim my son-in-love as one of them), and two furry rescues who will answer to just about any name you use as long as it includes food. Gotta have wiggle butts around, you know?

Connect with Dineen:
Dineen is part of our #MRCGiveaway with the first book in her Treasures of the Ark series, Manna Reign: A Relic Hunter Thriller!

About Manna Reign:
A legendary artifact. A skeptical scientist. Will her Old Testament discovery cure the planet…or destroy it?

Archeologist Nichole “Nikki” Strauss dreams of ending global hunger. Romantically attached to a world-leading geneticist in San Francisco, she shares his excitement for his new GMO superseed that can grow crops resistant to environmental hazards. But when an ex-flame shows up with news of a mutual friend’s suspicious death, her grief-filled resolve drives her to join forces with him to uncover the reason behind the murder.

Traveling to Europe and learning her dead colleague had recovered the fabled golden manna jar, Nikki finds herself the target of a shadowy ancient sect. And when a fatal flaw in her boyfriend’s genetic design makes the Biblical relic his only desperate solution, she faces a choice between true love, devotion, and the fate of the world.

Can Nikki save the Earth from an unexpected apocalypse?

Manna Reign is the unforgettable first book in the Treasures of the Ark thriller series. If you like feisty heroines, prophetic tension, and undercurrents of romance, then you’ll adore Neena Roth’s intricate tale. 

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