Mystery Countdown to Christmas!

Countdown To Christmas

Welcome to the Mystery Review Crews Countdown to Christmas!

We are excited to have you and hope you will find some new mysteries to read!

The List will be updated daily with the corresponding authors post!

Participating Authors:

  1. Shelley Blanton-Stroud
  2. Carmen Amato
  3. Stacy Wilder
  4. Mary Miller
  5. Lauren Carr
  6. Linda Norlander
  7. Daryl Wood Gerber
  8. Lou Kemp
  9. JC Gatlin
  10. R.J. Koreto
  11. CS McDonald
  12. Linda Lovely
  13. Lane Stone
  14. J.C. Keough
  15. Susan Breen
  16. Kari Bovee
  17. Austin Camacho
  18. Anita Dickason
  19. Korina Moss
  20. Dineen Miller
  21. Michelle Cox
  22. Joanna Slan Campbell
  23. Marilyn Levinson
  24. Tammy Euliano

ūüĒćBonus Pop-up Author Laurie Buchanan

We hope you enjoy this and let us know which books you add to your TBR!

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The Mystery Review Crew Countdown to Christmas!
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