The Lake Templeton Murders by HS Burney

The Lake Templeton Murders by HS Burney A book review from Locks, Hooks, and books (Amy) for this cozy mystery!
The Lake Templeton Murders

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About the book

A body washes up on the shores of Lake Templeton, a small town on the coast of Vancouver Island. Sharon Reese, the victim, was a dedicated government employee. Everyone liked her, but no one knew much about her. Was she hiding something? Maybe a questionable past riddled with scandal. And did it lead to her plunge to death, in a drunken stupor, off the dock outside her secluded lakefront lodge?  Was it an accident? A suicide? Or cold-blooded murder? Private Investigator, Fati Rizvi, is determined to find out. 

 Fati arrives in Lake Templeton to find secrets that run as deep as the City’s sewers. Everyone is hiding something and nothing is as it seems. A cult escapee. A corrupt politician. A struggling airline. A multi-million dollar public-private project to revitalize the Lake Templeton waterfront. How are they all connected?  As Fati valiantly unravels the knots, another body is found on the shore. Is it the same killer? And can Fati stop them before they strike again?

About the Author

HS Burney writes fast-moving, action-packed mysteries set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and crystalline ocean in West Coast Canada. She loves creating characters that keep you on your toes. A corporate executive by day and a novelist by night, HS Burney received her Bachelors’ in Creative Writing from Lafayette College. A proud Canadian immigrant, she takes her readers into worlds populated by diverse characters with unique cultural backgrounds. When not writing, she is out hiking, waiting for the next story idea to strike, and pull her into a new world.

Amy Booksy’s Review of The Lake Templeton Murders

The Lake Templeton Murders is my first experience in reading the talents of H S Burney. I found this book to be a good murder mystery of who done it. I loved the strong female lead investigator Fati who begins to solve as to what happened to the victim, whose body washed ashore in Lake Templeton on Vancouver Island in Canada. She has her work cut out for her when more bodies are found. I thought this was a suspense filled tale that kept me intrigued and not able to easily predictable what was going to happen next.

There were a few twists and turns that I would have never expected. There were a few scenes that slowed the pace down a little bit but quickly picked back up again. Even though this is a mystery that needs to be solved, there were a few light hearted moments that I could not help to have a giggle or two. It was a fun and entertaining book to read. 

I am giving The Lake Templeton Murders four and a half stars. I recommend it for readers who enjoy reading a good cozy mystery/ Thriller. I would love to read more by H S Burney in the future to see what else they have in store for their readers. I am hoping there will be books to be released that features Fati in the future, as well. 

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