Audiobook Review: Murder of a Movie Producer by Meredith Potts

A book review from Bound 4 Escape: Murder of a Movie Producer by Meredith Potts!

About The Book

Murder of a Movie Producer


Hollywood has always been a cutthroat industry, but for Sophie Paulson, the backstabbing turns personal when her movie producer boyfriend, Paul Franklin, dumps her for another woman, then fires her out of the blue.
Former actress turned amateur sleuth Hope Hadley arrives in town just as Paul is found murdered and the police suspect Sophie of the crime. Hope desperately races to discover the truth before her friend Sophie is put in jail for the rest of her life.

A Review: Murder of a Movie Producer

This book review of Murder of a Movie Producer was originally posted on Bound4Escape. Reposted with permission.

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free audio copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Murder of a Movie Producer starts with Hope’s friend Sophie in jail for the murder of her boss, Paul. She’d just broken up with him, and he’d fired her. She told Hope that she went to his house to talk about her job, and he was dead. Sophie asked Hope to find the real murderer and Hope agreed. This was a super quick listen (less than 2 hours), but I was actually surprised at the ending.

This is the second book I’ve read/listened to about Hope Hadley, and I don’t think I’d continue listening to them if they were longer. Then again, I might enjoy them if they were full-length. Just when I start to get interested, they’re over. If you’re looking for a super quick cozy murder mystery, this is a good one.

Meredith Potts Bio:

I love my two adorable cats, taking walks on the beach, and baking cookies. There’s nothing quite like soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. Or chocolate in general. I do love my sweets. Or watching a beautiful sunset while watching the ocean waves crash against the shore. Is it any wonder why I write cozy mysteries? Please check out one of my lovely books. There’s over 50 to choose from. The Daley Buzz series is a great starting point.

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