Bakersfield Boys Club – The Story Behind The Story

Author Anne Da Vigo’s Bakersfield Boys Club, a thriller set in late-seventies Central California, is a riveting story about the abuse of power, unflinchingly realistic, but not without hope. It holds special interest for me because I grew up in Bakersfield where the real world case—known as the Lords of Bakersfield—continues to play out in civil courts. I was eager to talk to Anne about the story behind her story.

Making Old Style Mysteries New Again with Lauren Carr

As a mystery writer, I have a dilemma: I love the old-fashioned mysteries. You know, the ones. The master detective solves the murder simply by talking to the suspects while peering at the crime scene with his magnifying glass. All the while, he is on his pipe and examining the evidence without gloves. Then, when he identifies the culprit, the killer confesses and goes away to jail because the detective’s deduction of the evidence is so overwhelming that it is useless to deny it.